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Project Testimonials

Below are just a few of the comments I have received about the Holistic projects I deliver within Early Years Education:

“Anita has been supporting our school’s emotional well-being project for over 5 years. She works with staff to support children who need additional help with personal, social and emotional needs with individual strategies. She has brought aromatherapy to our multi-sensory learning environment by supplying aromastreams in different curriculum areas to create contrasting calm and stimulating places. This enhances our provision for all children, and for children with visual impairment it can help them to identify specific areas of the school through their sense of smell. In co-operation with parents she develops aromatherapy blends for individual children; models massage techniques, supplies information on good nutrition and cookery to help ensure that families are supported in their child’s holistic development. Anita is now an established member of our team of practitioners. She brings a very positive additional dimension to our provision for every child and their family.
AS, Head teacher

“The school has also led the way in developing services, including an aromatherapy and massage project and use of the sensory room, to help children remain calm and develop understanding of their own feelings”.
Ofsted Inspection report

“It is the best aromatherapy project within a school I have seen”
NACE Inspector(National Association for Able Children in Education)