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Nutrition options

Every child requires a well-balanced healthy diet to provide them with all the energy and nutrients needed for the body to function correctly, grow and repair. It is important to provide a good balance of protein, fat and carbohydrate within the diet. By ensuring that they eat five portions of fruit and vegetables you are helping to ensure that all the essential vitamin and minerals are available. A lack of nutrients or an unbalanced diet is also thought to have an impact on behaviour and sleep patterns. An unbalanced diet can also lead to problems such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes in later life.

At Nursery school age they may still not have a large appetite so it is essential to give them regular meals supplemented by healthy snacks. I work alongside parents to assess a child’s diet through the use of food diaries and suggest ways of implementing better eating routines and healthy food options. Healthy eating awareness is also built into the school curriculum with healthy snacks and gardening activities during the nursery session.

By ensuring your child has a healthy diet you are building good eating habits for the future and setting them off on the right foot for a long and healthy life.