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Touch is something that most of us take for granted but it is not always a given for some people. It is important to understand the effects of both positive and negative touch on babies and children:

  • Positive touch and behaviour can help improve confidence in children, encouraging them to build friendships and to share experiences.
  • Positive touch can improve behaviour both in nursery and at home.
  • Negative touch can cause a child to become withdrawn and insular
  • Negative touch can lead to instances of bullying

By promoting positive touch through the use of massage to both children and family members it can promote:

  • Family Bonding
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Improved relationships between siblings and peers
  • Improved self body image
  • Anger management and relaxation
  • Stress reduction

Massage can be incorporated into stories, rhymes and songs to make the experience truly interactive. Story packs are used which are developed as required. These can be tailored for abilities, time and content.

Making a pizza

This is a story that I have developed and have trialed at local Nursery. The children all sit in a circle and perform the massage on the back of the person in front. This takes around 20 minutes and goes through the stages of making a pizza. A herb aroma blend was used whilst performing the massage with the snack afterwards being pizza fingers!

Hand Massage

treatment on woman’s hand . Alternative medicine, pain relief concept