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Infant & Baby Massage is not a new idea, its roots date back centuries into Indian culture. There, women with new born babies are massaged every day for a month after birth along with massage for infants to help the women’s bodies return to normal and the baby to settle. The mothers then learn infant massage and carry on the massage for infants as part of their daily routine. The benefits of infant massage are well documented and much research has been carried out into the benefits of infant massage for infants and their parents.

Massage for infants has lots of benefits including:
•Creating a state of relaxation and helping develop better sleep patterns
•Infants who are massaged tend to be relaxed and open to positive touch – hugging and cuddling
•Massage for infants improves circulation, digestion and breathing
•Relieving the pain and discomfort caused by colic and other digestive problems is one of the major benefits of infant massage
•Enhancing the bonding process between infant and parents

The benefits of infant massage for parents include:
•It helps them to bond with their child
•It provides a quiet time for them and the infant
•It can help overcome post natal depression and attachment issues

Essentially Holistic provides a rage of options to learn infant massage. All of the courses are delivered by a certified infant massage instructor.
Options are:
•Learn infant massage in classes at various locations which provide a chance to meet other Mums
•One 2 One sessions which can be tailored to your needs. Learn infant massage at Essentially Holistic or in the comfort your own home
•Gift vouchers – either a taster session or a full course
•Learn infant massage with a distance learning programme (available Winter 2016) written and presented by a certified infant massage instructor with online support.

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