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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy

There is nothing new to hot stones therapy. Stones have been around as long as the Earth; hot and cold stones have been used alternatively in treatment for ages; the stones used are millions of years old. Everyone knows about massage, what is new and totally unique about hot stones therapy is the delivery of the treatment—it combines massage, thermo-therapy, energy work and healing work, and it is all delivered through the very ‘alive’ gifts of Mother Earth—the stones.

Full Body treatment (1.5 hours) – £70.00 (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL ALL COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED)
A chance to unwind, relax and enjoy the gentle heat of the stones. Combined with oils and essential oils it is the ultimate in pampering experiences.

Back Treatment (50 minutes) – £38.00
A pampering and reviving treatment designed to release tension in the back and shoulders leaving you relaxed and de-stressed

An excellent treatment for reviving tired skin or anyone suffering from sinus problems. A luxurious and pampering facial to fill you with a warming glow

Reflex treatment (45 minutes) – £33.00
The ultimate in reflex treatments. The reflex points of the feet are treated with hot stones with stones being held and placed on the body for extra relaxation

Crystal Chakra Balancing & guided relaxation (40 minutes) – £28.00 (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL ALL COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED)
A relaxing experience which uses crystals and meditation to allow the body to relax and unwind leaving you refreshed and de-stressed

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