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Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy Treatments

Aromatherapy treatments with essential oils work like herbalism drawing on the healing powers of the plant world. Unlike herbalism which uses the whole or part of the plant, aromatherapy treatments use the essential oil. Holistic massage therapy is used in aromatherapy treatments both to assist the passage of essential oils into the body and to accentuate their therapeutic effects.

Full Body treatment (1.5 hours)- £55.00 (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL ALL COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED)
Enjoy the total relaxation and de-stressing properties of a full body massage. Essential oils are blended specifically for your needs to create a truly personalised experience.

Back treatment (50 Minutes) – £28.00
If you want a shorter treatment to take away the knots and tension then a back massage is perfect for you. Essential oils are blended to create a personalised blend.

Aromatic Facial treatment (50 minutes) – £28.00 (NOT AVAILABLE UNTIL ALL COVID-19 RESTRICTIONS ARE LIFTED)
This treatment includes all the pampering of a facial but with the therapeutic properties of the essential oils. Ideal for problem skin or just as a luxurious treat.

Swiss Reflex treatment (45 minutes)- £28.00
This treatment uses the reflexology points of the feet alongside your personally blended essential oils to create a totally therapeutic experience for the whole body

Online Consultation (45 minutes) – £20.00
A consultation will be taken and a treatment plan discussed. Your products will then be delivered or posted (products are not included in the consultation). Subsequent consultations will be charged at £20.00

Aromatic potions can be mixed for home use – prices vary

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